Shades of Alpaca Grey

Shades of Alpaca Grey: Genetic Tools to Prevent Health Problems in the Grey Alpaca

Principal investigator:

Kylie A Munyard, BSc, Ph.D.
Curtin University

It is important that alpaca breeders are able to produce healthy animals of the desired color, therefore it is vital that they have access to a test for grey that gives them the ability to select for the “good” versions of grey. KIT and stem cell factor are the leading candidate genes for Alpaca grey. Therefore, in collaboration with Dr Samantha Brooks at the University of Florida (who has been instrumental in finding many of the horse KIT versions) we plan to sequence the whole genomes of alpaca families representing different grey phenotypes. We will first look at KIT and stem cell factor, then widen our search to other possible candidate genes if these two don’t provide all the answers.

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This is a Morris Animal Foundation study, partially funded by the Alpaca Research Foundation.